Just finished the July Art Walk, and will take a break in August to regroup.  Expect great things from Sept thru the rest of the year!  Join us, we're shaking things up.

"Upper Room Art Gallery & Global Friends" presents a free film showing of TIM GORSKI, award-winning Indie filmmaker.  On the Riverside Hotel Lawn, 8:30-10pm.  At the gallery from 6-8pm, visit Mark Merrill painting on site.  5% Art Walk discount on all art & lamps, plus our regular 6% sales tax exemption.  Be sure to make it!

The paintings of Emmanuel Garibay are on exhibit at Upper Room.  Take advantage of seeing (and purchasing) his paintings while he is visiting the U.S.  Garibay was Artist in Residence this year for Yale Divinity School.

Launches this week!  April 21, 5pm-10pm, and every Third Thursday of the month.  Visit www.artwalklasolas.com for details, or our facebook page.  Congratulations to Wendy Fernando-Regalado for being voted as the first Pop-Up Gallery for the Art Walk, with her handmade paper room screens.  Be sure to see a special showing of Philippine Social Realist painter Emmanuel Garibay, at the Upper Room Art Gallery, starting April 19, 2001.  DONT MISS this great event!

The gallery has undergone a big change:  stop by and see all the new paintings.

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